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Warrenpoint Town: Drama right down to the wire


Warrenpoint boss Barry Gray

Warrenpoint boss Barry Gray


Warrenpoint boss Barry Gray

We haven’t wanted to get caught up in any hype this week, though the boys fully understand how important this game is.

What we must do is control what we can control and win our match. It’s been a decent 10 days for us and we are feeling confident. It’s about one final push from the boys now and hopefully we can secure our top-flight future.

People might see we have a slight advantage in that we have been in this scenario before but things don’t always work out that way and you will always fear that if you keep letting yourself fall into this situation then the law of averages means one time you will really suffer.

It’s a pressure situation and we all have to deal with that.

The reality for us is that we have come a long way since before Christmas when no-one would have ran to the bookies and put money on us surviving.

At one point we were about 13 points adrift. Beating the teams around us has given us a fighting chance of survival.

There is disappointment, however, because this is our third year in the Premiership and yet again we find ourselves in a relegation fight. You’ve got to strive to improve but we must deal with the here and now and then regroup.

I shuffled the squad in January and allowed Daniel Hughes to leave which could be deemed a risk but there’s different ways of looking at it. You can look foolish but then end up taking plaudits. What’s important is that we still have something to fight for.

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