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Manager Murty tells Windass to show fans respect



Silencing critics: Josh Windass gestures to fans after scoring

Silencing critics: Josh Windass gestures to fans after scoring

Silencing critics: Josh Windass gestures to fans after scoring

Graeme Murty reminded Josh Windass of his responsibilities after the midfielder apologised for the 'shush' gesture he made to Rangers fans in midweek.

The 24-year-old attacker put his finger to his lips after scoring in front of the travelling supporters during the 2-0 Ladbrokes Premiership win at Partick Thistle on Tuesday.

Murty had promised to look at the incident and, ahead of the Scottish Cup tie at Ayr United tomorrow, the Gers boss revealed Windass had said sorry.

He said: "I've spoken to him. Josh is aware of his responsibility both as a professional athlete and a Rangers player.

"He has the responsibility to conduct himself in a certain manner.

"He is a very off-the-cuff kind of guy, very much plays in the moment and I think you saw an outpouring of frustration, with his own game at times, and it is something he needs to manage better.

"He needs to channel that frustration in a more positive way. If he had, we would be sitting here talking about a fantastic goal after 11/12 seconds of quality, high-tempo football.

"Instead I am having to talk once again about a reaction that could have been completely and wholly different."

Asked if the former Accrington player, who has scored 10 times for the Ibrox side this season, has been subject to unfair criticism from the Light Blues fans, Murty was far from sympathetic.

"Regardless of unfair or not, he is getting criticised, he has to deal with it," he said.

"But he has to own what he did and acknowledge what he did and move forward. I am confident that the young man can do that and we will help him in that regard.

"But he has to understand that his energies would be better served putting it into his football and actually celebrating the fact that we scored a wonderful goal."

Murty has no concern about a reaction from Rangers fans at Somerset Park. He said: "Josh has got broad shoulders. Development and learning is painful at times.

"Sometimes you have to make a mistake and suffer the consequences of it to grow as a person. If he does that and he grows, he could grow into some athlete and player.

"We will support him when he makes mistakes, when he gives the ball away with a random decision, as he does at times. But we also support him in his growth."

Turning towards the trip to Ayrshire, Murty revealed his desperation for Rangers to reward their supporters with a trophy this season.

He said: "The fans have been through a great deal at this football club recently and the squad that deliver a trophy to them will see a massive outpouring of emotion.

"We think that on any given day, we are more than a match for the teams in this country.

"But we have to be in the next round. We want to be pushing at the highest level because our fans have suffered enough."

Windass insists there was no malice in his 'shush' gesture to his own fans. The former Accrington Stanley player told Sky Sports: "There was no real reason or malice in the celebration.

"It was a just a little bit of frustration. I just reacted in maybe the wrong way but that's what happens sometimes in football."

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