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Mistakes see IFA fail to address changes at its AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Irish FA came to an abrupt finish when a procedural error forced the withdrawal of a number of proposed amendments to the organisation's articles.

Relatively minor submissions from Islandmagee, Strabane Athletic and Drumquin United - all of which had been expected to pass without much fuss - could not be considered after Northern Amateur Football League honorary vice chairman Conrad Kirkwood expressed concern that the wrong address had been printed on proxy voting forms.

He contended that any votes posted to Harbinson Mulholland - independent auditors for proxy balloting - at the advertised premises at 4 Bruce Street would, in effect, have been excluded from the democratic process being undertaken.

Following legal consultation, it was suggested that the proposed poll on the redefinition of articles proceed on the basis that any votes posted to Bruce Street would be forwarded to Harbinson Mulholland's new offices at 24 Ormeau Avenue and that any individual seeking to make deliveries by hand would be directed to the new property.

Mr Kirkwood insisted, however, that he had not been able to gain any kind of access to the offices at Bruce Street where, he insisted, there was no notice of the auditor's relocation.

A further discussion with the IFA's legal experts then ensued but, in spite of the disclosure that Harbinson Mulholland had been in receipt of 101 proxy votes since relocating to Ormeau Avenue on February 23, IFA President Jim Shaw was left with no other option but to announce the withdrawal of items six, seven and eight on the agenda - all of which pertained to the amending of articles - and move swiftly on to any other business, of which there was none.

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