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Aaron Ramsey scores for Arsenal - and the music stops for someone famous

By Will Dean

Every time Arsenal midfielder and Wales captain Aaron Ramsey scores, someone famous dies. That's the theory spreading around football forums.

This weekend, his goal against Sunderland was blamed for the death of Whitney Houston and previous efforts have apparently seen off Muammar Gaddafi, Steve Jobs and Osama bin Laden.

But does the "Angel of Death" theory stand up? We cross-referenced his goals with notable deaths and found that these four are the only ones that fit the bill. But we did come up with an alternative theory...

On most of the days on which Ramsey scores a notable musician dies. The day after Ramsey found the net on 3 Jan 2010, producer Tony Clarke passed away. Five days earlier, a goal spelt the end for The Birthday Party's Rowland Howard. A December 2009 goal saw off guitarist Jack Rose and a November '09 goal came the day before rapper Derek B died of a heart attack. Perhaps Whitney was just the smoking gun...

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