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Agbonlahor finds right balance

Aston Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahor has reached a compromise with manager Gerard Houllier after being told his increased weight training was affecting his explosive pace.

Agbonlahor has bulked up considerably in the past 12 months after his new found love with the gym. Houllier fears that has affected the player's quickness and he has endured an injury-hit first half of the campaign.

"I can see where the manager is coming from, of course, but I think I was the same last season and that was my best season at Villa," Agbonlahor said. "I think maybe if I trimmed down and became how I was when I first broke into the team then I might lose an element to my game."

He added: "If I start to get bullied by defenders people will then say I am not strong enough for the Premier League so you can't win either way.

"But it is about getting that balance. I feel fine and as sharp and fast as I ever have."


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