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Anichebe blots his copybook

West Ham United 1 Sunderland 0

By Jack De Menezes

If ever there was a warning that Twitter accounts belonging to Premier League footballers are not what they seem, then a glance at Victor Anichebe's feed yesterday will have exposed what many have feared for a long time.

Footballers are always quick to take to social media and give their thoughts on the 90 minutes that has just preceded the post, whether it be a "thank you for your great support" or a "disappointing result but we go again" message. Sometimes it's even a changing room celebratory picture, or a selfie that will infuriate former pros who believe that such photos are everything that is wrong with the game today.

It's this constant stream of tweets that has raised the question: is it really the player or is it the clubs enforcing a clever social media strategy? Well wonder no more.

Anichebe isn't having a great time at Sunderland this season - let's be honest, no one is - and the Nigerian international took to Twitter to send out a message to Black Cats fans after Saturday's 1-0 defeat by West Ham that came courtesy of a last-minute Winston Reid goal.

"Can you tweet something like…Unbelievable support yesterday and great effort by the lads! Hard result to take! But we go again!"

While the second sentence manages to get in everything that a post-match tweet requires - thank the fans, praise the teammates and look forward to the next game - there's no way the first line can be overlooked.

Either Anichebe has fallen foul of copy and paste rules after receiving a message from the club's media team, or he has his own social media assistant who has dropped the ball.

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