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Arsenal can be best in world, says Wenger

Arsene Wenger celebrated his 15th anniversary in charge of Arsenal yesterday insisting his ambition remains to make the Gunners the best club in the world.

The Arsenal manager also thanked owner Stan Kroenke for a message of resounding support after the club's troubled start to the season.

Wenger has not won a trophy for six years and the club's struggles will be brought into focus in today’s north London derby against Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

Wenger, however, is certain the Emirates trophy cabinet will soon be required. He said: “The vision is to make this club the best club in the world, it is as simple as that. To carry through the values we think are important in the game. I'm very proud of the values I defend in the game and we will try to continue to do that.”

When asked how long it might take to put Arsenal on top, Wenger added: “In my life I hope. You may say to me I have to live very long, I don't know. I want to try to give my best because only the best is acceptable and if I don't manage to do it I am very sad. Like when we had a bad start to the season, it is uncomfortable but we keep going.”

How long did Wenger think he would last at Arsenal when he arrived in 1996. “One week, two weeks if I was lucky,” he said. “I didn't know. I was in exactly the same frame of mind as I am now. I try to do well and see if it works or not, rejected or not, can win or not, like any manager when you come in somewhere.”

Wenger received a vote of confidence from Kroenke who said: “Arsene's our man.

“As an owner, that's who we put our confidence in.”

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