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Arsenal boss Wenger in vow to go on attack against Bayern in German tie

By Miguel Delaney

Arsene Wenger has hinted that Arsenal will play on the front foot and "not hide" away to Bayern Munich in their Champions League last-16 first-leg match on Wednesday, in order to "protect" the second leg at the Emirates.

Even though this is the fourth time his side have been drawn against Bayern in the last five seasons, there is actually a bit of a novelty to this meeting because it will be the first time that the first encounter is in Munich.

That does potentially create something of a dilemma to the tie, though, because there will be the danger of away-goal sucker punches in the second leg. Wenger intimated that Arsenal would go for it on Wednesday.

"We had bad experiences against them, I agree with you. It's a good opportunity; we have as well already won there," Wenger pointed out.

"We play the first game away from home - so its important that we protect as well the second game. I feel to have a chance to qualify in the second leg will be very important. So we must go there, not hide, but defend well as a team."

Wenger also added that beating Hull City 2-0, to end a run of two successive defeats, was important for this European game as they can take that approach with much more confidence.

"You know that if you do not win [against Hull] the confidence drops even more and you go to the Champions League game at Bayern with of course even less confidence. That is not what is needed to go into a game like that."

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