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Barton blasts Henry

QPR captain Joey Barton has continued his verbal row with Karl Henry, expressing his dislike for the Wolves midfielder and accusing him of "trying to hurt people".

Barton was on the receiving end of a hefty challenge from Henry in the closing stages of the Hoops' 3-0 victory at Molineux and had a heated exchange with him on the pitch. Later on Twitter Barton said that Henry should "keep his trap firmly shut" and compared him to a Sunday league player.

And on Sunday Barton continued to air his views about the Wanderers man, who he insisted on calling Kelvin Henry. Barton told Sky Sports' Goals on Sunday programme: "Kelvin Henry - he loves it, doesn't he. Always sticking his foot in and trying to hurt people. Why doesn't he do it when it is 0-0 in the game?"

He added: "He is chirping up all week saying he is going to do x,y and z to me and then he lets himself down massively by not even turning up on Saturday afternoons.

"He should concentrate more on playing and less on talking a good game."

Henry angered Barton with some heavy tackles during a match between Wolves and Newcastle last season, and later aimed a verbal dig at the then-Magpies player. Barton on Sunday made it clear that there is no love lost between the pair.

He said: "Everything I read from him, I really don't like him. I'm going to go on record saying that.

"I know from his challenges on me that he doesn't like me - I'm not going to mince my words. He has gone out to make a name for himself in my opinion. He keeps doing these interviews saying he is this throw-back to this old-fashioned footballer.

"I've made challenges and I embrace the fact that there is a physical element to our game, but I think there is a fine line between being physical and actually going out to hurt people, to make a name for it. No-one knew Kelvin Henry before he started kicking lumps out of me in that game (last season)."

When the point was made to him that he was not going to calm the situation down by continuing to talk about it, Barton said: "I don't want to. Every time I play against him he is non-existent. If he wants to carry it on, in my opinion it is not the shrewdest move because he obviously can't handle the situation."


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