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Bell calls for end to Munich chants

Manchester City great Colin Bell has appealed for fans to stop "degrading" the club by singing songs about the Munich air crash.

City's 1-0 win at Blackburn on Monday was marred by chants referring to "Munichs" - a derogative used by some of the club's following for Manchester United players and fans in reference to the 1958 tragedy, which befell close rivals United and claimed the lives of 23 people.

"They are not true City supporters," Bell said of the faction involved in the chants. "Football is a sport at the end of the day and they are chanting about people's lives.It's gone on long enough and I appeal to them to stop. It's sad and I think it is truly out of order."

The former England international added in the Manchester Evening News: "I played for City and now consider myself a supporter of the club and these chants are degrading the club. I don't like it one little bit."

City, who have previously taken out banning orders against supporters caught on camera making aeroplane gestures, are holding a series of behind-the-scenes meetings to determine an appropriate response to Monday night's repeated chants.


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