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Biting Back: Andre Villas-Boas up to his old tricks

With Stuart McKinley

History is repeating itself already with Andre Villas-Boas. Only this time, he’s falling out with players before a ball has even been kicked.

At least when he was at Chelsea he waited until a month or two into the season to rub his established stars up the wrong way — and that’s what ultimately cost him his job at Stamford Bridge.

Now he’s back in London at Tottenham and he’s up to his old tricks again, this time having a go at Luka Modric.

Fair enough, Modric took it upon himself to stay at home while his team-mates headed off on a pre-season trip to north America, leading Villas-Boas to say that the player himself has made the situation worse.

Hold on a minute though. Let’s rewind 12 months to the very start of what is becoming something of a transfer saga.

Back then it was Villas-Boas himself who pursued Modric before being forced to concede defeat when former White Hart Lane boss Harry Redknapp refused to sell before the transfer window closed.

Modric was unsettled at that stage, but eventually got his head right and helped Spurs finish fourth in the Premier League last season.

Anyone, be they a Tottenham fan, player or the new manager, who expected him to stick around this summer is only kidding themselves and AVB has only served to speed up Modric’s departure.

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