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Biting Back: Hysterical media coverage of Premier League begins again

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With Jim Gracey

Didn't take long, did it? I gave the Olympic feelgood factor til mid-September before a waft of good old football cynicism began to stink out the place again.

I was a whole month out.

One round of fixtures into the new Premier League season and the over-paid, overblown egos are still on their best behaviour — but give them time.

Clearly, they took note of the media lectures on buying into the generosity of the Olympic spirit; of how the taking part is as noble as winning and, above all, maintaining a sense of perspective.

And if they bought into that outpouring of righteous indignation they will surely have been thinking ‘pot, kettle, black', reading their papers these past few mornings, listening to TV rent-a-quotes or the radio phone-in lynch mob.

Just 90 minutes played and AVB will be OBE (out by Easter); RVP isn't worth 2p; Fergie has lost the plot, and another title, in mid-August... and as for Brendan Rodgers?

I hope he kept his house in Swansea. If the media vultures are to be believed, he is one game from the sack... that's Man City on Sunday... the same Man City supposedly about to be banished back into the shadows of their aurally-challenged neighbours.

Talk about over the top? The kneejerk frenzy of the first week of the Premier League is all the more risible for the high moral ground from which it emanates.

On the evidence of the opening weekend, it's not the players who should be engaging in post-Olympic introspection. Some cut-throat elements of my own profession need to take a long hard look in the shaving mirror.

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