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Biting Back: Suarez best in Premier League

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With Steven Beacom

Steven Gerrard made the point as forcibly as one of his crunching tackles.

Following Liverpool's 3-2 victory over Tottenham, inspired by a certain Uruguayan, the Reds captain remarked that if Luis Suarez doesn't win an award for his stunning performances this season he'll be the best player never to have done so.

The more you watch Suarez this season, the harder it is to make a case against Gerrard's argument.

He's been magnificent. He scores goals, he creates goals, he causes havoc and he induces hatred from rival fans and opposition players in equal measure.

Reds boss Brendan Rodgers told me that off the park Suarez is a genuinely nice bloke. Once he steps over that white line though he transforms quicker than Clark Kent in a telephone box. A choir boy he is not, but this number seven makes Liverpool sing.

There are two main awards for Premier League footballers. The PFA Players' Player of the season prize and the Footballer of the Year, decided by football writers.

Suarez isn't exactly popular with his peers or journalists, but I hope that does not deny him what he deserves.

The other candidates are Robin van Persie and Gareth Bale. Both have been breathtaking at times. But Suarez, who has scored more than the pair of them, has delivered just about every week in, as the league table shows, a lesser side.

He should be crowned King of the Premier League jungle, but football can be unfair. Just ask the now former Reading boss Brian McDermott...

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