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Bruce concern for British managers

Sunderland boss Steve Bruce fears trigger-happy club owners run the risk of driving potential British managers away from the game.

The lack of job security was highlighted by Newcastle's unpopular decision to replace Chris Hughton with Alan Pardew last week. Though other managers are under greater scrutiny, Mark Hughes is beginning to face difficult questions as Fulham continue to hover precariously above the relegation zone.

"It's the one thing (letting Hughes go) we don't want. He has only been here six months," said Bruce. "If we are not careful and keep sacking people, we are going to deter the next young British coach."

He added: "There are not many British managers in the Premier League. If I was starting out now as a player, even if though I love the game like I do, I'd be thinking 'do I really, really want to do that?'

"Look at the lower divisions where you are supposed to learn your trade. The average is 15 months. If we don't stop that you are not going to be successful.

"You look at the top man and then you look at Arsene Wenger and it does work. And then you look at the ones that keep on sacking. It ends up with a football club in chaos.

"You talk for all the managers out there because nobody wants to see anyone lose their job.

"It is a horrible place to be when you lose your job."


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