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Burnley manager Sean Dyche wants change to transfer system

Burnley manager Sean Dyche has called for a review of the transfer window after finding himself in "the wild west" trying to get late deals done this summer.

Business for Premier League clubs ceased last week and the Clarets twice broke their transfer record prior to the window's closure to bring Steven Defour and then Jeff Hendrick to Turf Moor.

Neither was on the Clarets' books when they began the new season back in August, though, and some of Hendrick's new team-mates will have played in four games by the time he possibly makes his debut against Hull this weekend.

The timing of the window's closure is one which Dyche believes has to be reconsidered to allow players time to bed in to their new surroundings.

"It's a feeding frenzy; the window, as numerous people have said, needs to be looked at it," he said.

"I can't look at it, I'm not powerful enough, but there's managers out there who probably could have a fair say in what goes on and certainly get the powers to think about it.

"It's bizarre, really. Weeks into the season there's this craziness. You get players in who haven't been moulded into your team, so the pre-season, which is designed to get people ready for the start of the season, is kind of pointless if you've got players coming in in the last week.

"Then you've got to remould them all, then if they're internationals you can't because they're away. It just doesn't make any actual sense.

"They've got to look at a better version of it. I'm sure there's enough thoughts on it, mine is just a view, it's not the view. If you got enough people together and got all their thoughts, I think there would be a better way of doing it.

"Whether it's before the season, two weeks before the used to be open all year, until the last few weeks of the season, which we all understood.

"Now all that happens is prices go crazy because it's all last minute. Clubs hold their players until the last minute, bids come in, and then last minute, 'Alright, you can have him'."

A last-minute move was not in the offing at Turf Moor as attempts to bring in Dale Stephens and Kamil Grosicki were scuppered late on.

Dyche has become accustomed to how the market functions in the modern age and how transfers are never as transparent as they once were.

"It's not frustrating anymore because it's just the reality, it's the wild west out there at times. It's not players or agents, it's circumstantial," the Clarets boss added.

"Previously you'd make a bid for a player and clubs would say 'yes' or 'no', now it goes to 10 other clubs, 'Who fancies this player because we've had a bid?' That never used to happen.

"Now it's like a for-sale sign on a player, they let people know, I'm surprised they don't do adverts!

"I don't know whether they're going to look at it. The common-sense view is you haven't got the players in to work with, yet you're going into one of the most powerful and richest leagues in the world. Particularly for the small boys, the bigger boys just throw some more money at it."


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