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Cahill calls for unity

Everton talisman Tim Cahill has called for all supporters to unite fully behind everyone at the troubled club.

The Australia midfielder is convinced the Merseysiders can still be a powerful force in the Barclays Premier League despite their financial problems. Saturday's 2-2 draw with Aston Villa was preceded by a peaceful protest by several hundred supporters frustrated at a lack of investment under chairman Bill Kenwright.

Cahill said: "I think for us as players we want to try to show the fans that this isn't a club in stagnation. We need them to back us to the hilt. We know they do."

He added: "The club are trying to balance the books and make sure we are here for years to come.

"We can understand their frustration, but the biggest thing for us is we want to make sure they feel this is still a strong squad.

"As an Evertonian, whether it is good times or bad times, you have got to roll with it.

"The protest when you look at it now was probably something that shouldn't have happened.

"But I know deep down they appreciate the chairman. They just feel there must be a change because they see every other club spending a lot of money.

"But he loves this club and loves the players. He has looked after us and treated us like his children, the manager the same.

"All we can do is fight for him and fight for the cause and make sure the fans know this is what we have to deal with."


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