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Carragher keen to extend Reds deal

Veteran Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher is keen to agree a new contract which will see him end his playing career at Anfield.

Towards the end of last season it had been suggested the former England international would consider leaving the only professional club he has played for if an adequate deal was not forthcoming. However, Carragher dismissed that suggestion some time ago and has spoken about how keen he is to see out the remainder of his lengthy career with the Reds.

"I'm sure I'll be signing a contract and looking forward to finishing my career at Liverpool," he said. "I laugh when people say I've been in 'talks'. There'll be no talks, as it will probably be sorted in 20 minutes."

He continued: "The club have mentioned that the most important thing was to sort the ins and outs before the end of the transfer window.

"Then, if they want to speak to me, that's great. That's probably when we'll sit down and sort it out.

"I am desperate to finish my career at the club and I'm sure that will be the case."

Manager Roy Hodgson has stressed off-field issues are not his or the players' concern. And, according to Carragher, even uncertainty about the club's future and speculation about the suitability of potential new owners has not dampened the mood within the camp.

"I think there is a general feel-good factor around the place now," he told BBC Radio Merseyside.

"With the new manager coming in and Joe Cole coming, it's given everybody a massive lift around the city.

"Hopefully we can build on that, even though we have a tough start (against Arsenal on Sunday)."


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