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Doctor Eva slams FA and admits Mourinho incident was bitter pill

By Martyn Ziegler

Former Chelsea team doctor Eva Carneiro has broken her silence to insist the Football Association never requested she make a statement and effectively ignored some evidence in its investigation into alleged remarks made to her by Jose Mourinho.

Carneiro also said the FA did not ask her for a statement after being the victim of sexist abuse at West Ham last season and criticised the lack of support from the football authorities.

Carneiro was dropped from first-team duties after Chelsea manager Mourinho criticised her for going onto the pitch to treat Eden Hazard during the opening match of the season against Swansea. She has since parted company with the club, while this week Mourinho was cleared by the FA of making discriminatory remarks.

"I was surprised to learn that the FA was allegedly investigating the incident of August 8 via the press. I was at no stage requested by the FA to make a statement," she said. The FA said it had contacted Carneiro's lawyers, who had an opportunity to make a statement. It is understood that had a formal request been made she would have done so but she was still formally employed by Chelsea at the time. Carneiro added: "Last season I had a similar experience at a game at West Ham FC. It is incidents such as these and the lack of support from the football authorities that make it so difficult for women in the game."

Heather Rabbatts, head of the FA's inclusion advisory board, said she had "major concerns" regarding the FA's disciplinary process which saw Mourinho cleared, and that the FA's handling of the case was "seriously disappointing".

Mourinho was asked about the case three times at his weekly press conference but refused to comment on the controversy.

Leading Fifa sponsors Coca-Cola and McDonalds have demanded Sepp Blatter's immediate resignation as president.

The two companies have issued statements saying reform at world football's scandal-ridden governing body can only take place with its beleaguered leader out of the picture.

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