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John Terry defends 'boring' Chelsea and blasts 'tippy-tappy football' in Premier League

By Simon Rice

John Terry has defended Chelsea’s style of play against critics, saying that “tippy-tappy football” was not always the path to success.

Chelsea were jeered by Arsenal fans on Sunday afternoon, and derided as “boring”, after grinding out a crucial 0-0 draw at the Emirates. Jose Mourinho responded after the game by describing Arsenal’s 11-year Premier League title drought as “very boring” while Terry, speaking soon after, said that pretty football – of the type that Arsenal play - was not always the best way.

“We are definitely not boring and if we do go on to win it, nobody’s going to remember the performances when perhaps it’s not been that exciting,” Terry said. “But we’ve dug deep and other teams haven’t done and that is why they are so far behind us.”

“Possession is great, we could see that from the Manchester United game last week,” Terry said. “Possession and tippy-tappy football is great, but if you are not winning games you’re not going to win the league.”

Terry pointed out that, before Christmas, Chelsea had played good football and only injuries and suspensions had held them back.

“Let’s not forget the first half of the season, up until Christmas, we were the best side by far,” Terry said. “The football we played with Cesc Fabregas and his assists, the goal at Burnley [scored by Andre Schurrle] and goals after that. The play was different class.

“Things then went us against us and the manager, came up with the way to get us through games. That’s where he’s at his best. Let’s not forget we was the best side up until Christmas for sure and we have actually beaten the teams who have made things difficult for us.”

Terry was delighted with his man of the match performance at the Emirates, which Mourinho described as the best since he had known him.  “I got on the end of a lot of crosses and cleared a few,” Terry said. “You can feel when things are going well, and during the game I felt it was. But to hear that from the likes of the manager, who stands there and assesses you day-in, day-out, is really nice.”


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