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Jose Mourinho's treatment of Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro reaches Fifa

By Martyn Ziegler

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho's treatment of the club's team doctor Eva Carneiro is to be raised in Fifa's medical committee meeting next month, it has been revealed.

Caneiro's role at the club has been downgraded after Mourinho criticised her and head physio Jon Fearn for rushing on to the pitch to treat Eden Hazard in the opening match of the Premier League season - the player had to leave the field as a result, meaning Chelsea were temporarily down to nine men against Swansea.

Mourinho called the pair's action "impulsive and naive" and Caneiro's role was changed as a result - she is no longer involved in matches and training sessions.

The issue has been put on to the agenda of the Fifa medical committee meeting on September 11 and the committee is expected to make a statement in support of team doctors acting in the best interests of players.

Fifa's medical committee chairman Michel D'Hooghe said: "I want to discuss this with my colleagues and to see if we need to give a declaration from the medical side to help team doctors.

"The most important thing is if he arrives in a situation where he thinks he has to judge between his medical duty and other issues then he must not hesitate.

"Such problems arise everywhere in the world but of course it has come up with Mourinho and Chelsea."

Chelsea did not respond when asked to comment.

Following the incident, Carneiro used her Facebook page to thank the "general public for their overwhelming support".

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