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Take a look at some of Chelsea's training ground fines, such as £1,000... for your phone ringing!

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard (Anthony Devlin/PA)
Chelsea manager Frank Lampard (Anthony Devlin/PA)

It's not a secret that professional sports teams have no-nonsense policies when it comes to their players, but rarely do we get to see under the curtain.

In order to run a tight ship, managers will hand out heavy punishments to players who step out of line or fail to follow team instructions, a way of ensuring they rule the roost.

But until now, the general public have been kept in the dark as to how strict or punishing these fines tend to be.

Not any more.

A leaked picture has shown just how strict new Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has been since taking over at Stamford Bridge, and it's certainly an eye opener.

A leaked picture of Chelsea's training ground fines

The first one that jumps out is the biggest financial penalty of £20,000, which is reserved for players who fail to show up for training on time, which is understandable.

Time-keeping is a big one, as the document proves, with players arriving for team meetings fined £500 per minute they are late and £2,500 to those who fail to show up on time for medical appointments, treatment or to board the bus on a match day.

But beyond that, some of the fines will make you do a double-take. For instance, if a player's phone rings during a team meal, they have to pay £1,000!

The same fine applies to players who arrive in the wrong attire on a match day, while players who fail to disclose injuries or illness at least 90 minutes before training have to fork out a whopping £10,000!

Not only that, but if a player's fine is not paid for within 14 days, the fine will be doubled, and all fines will go to charity and team activities.

Other added notes at the bottom outline that agents are not allowed at Chelsea facilities unless on official business, while players will also be fined for not hitting "body composition targets".

As well as that, players have to let the team know if their families or guests will be attending training at least 24 hours prior, and also if they plan on going on holiday on days off.

Chelsea insiders say that fines are rarely handed out due to the players being excellent time keepers, although with these penalties it's not hard to see why!

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