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Claudio Ranieri interview - what he said

Less than 24 hours after winning the Barclays Premier League, Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri spoke to a select group of written journalists at the club's training ground.

Here are some of the best bits of his thoughtful and entertaining interview...

On his Chelsea return - as champions - on the final day of the season

It is good because last time I left the Premier League (in 2004) I went through my players and they made the guard of honour. It was amazing. Now I will come back in the same way. It is unbelievable. I am satisfied, of course, but not in terms of 'it is revenge'. No, no, no. I am not a man who wants revenge. I know my job very well and sometimes maybe the owner wants to change you because you don't fit in with him.

On winning the league

I am very happy to win because when you start to make a manager you hope you can win some league. I won the most important league in Europe, I think, not just Europe but the world, the Premier League. It is a fantastic achievement, my career is fantastic but I want to achieve a little more if it is possible.

On next season

The foundations are solid, b ut the Champions League is very hard. Not as (physical) energy but mental energy. It burns a lot of mental energy in the Champions League. It is important to bring the players with the same mentality, our mentality. For us it is important to stay in 10th position and try to fight to go into Europe. It is not easy to play FA Cup, Charity Shield, blah, blah...

On whether he will cry at the trophy presentation

I'm a very strange man. Maybe Saturday I can cry, I don't know. Maybe not because all the journalists are looking at you and I have to think about another thing.

On Eden Hazard's goal in Chelsea's 2-2 draw with Tottenham on Monday, which gave Leicester the title, and his talk with Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink afterwards

I was first on the armchair but after on the ceiling! Afterwards, t here was a friend between me and Hiddink, who called me and said, 'there is Hiddink there'. I said 'thank you, well done, thank you'. It was amazing.

On why he won't buy big

We don't need the superstars. We need our players. You see (in January) we bought Demarai Gray, we bought Daniel Amartey. It's the same, they have barely been with us not six months. I want to improve the squad without big stars but the right players.

On his contract situation

I have (signed for) three years (in 2015). Why do I have to sign a new contract?


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