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Comolli encouraged by progress


Damien Comolli

Damien Comolli

Damien Comolli

Liverpool's director of football Damien Comolli insists the overall progress being made at the club is even more important than winning the Carling Cup.

Sunday's victory over Cardiff on penalties gave the Reds their first silverware for six years and has led to renewed optimism of a return to the trophy-laden days of the past.

But Comolli believes even if they had not won at Wembley so much has been achieved since manager Kenny Dalglish returned as manager in January 2011 it would not have impacted on them moving forward. The Frenchman said: "It is not only about getting us to the final or winning against Cardiff on penalties."

He added: "The final was a bit of a lottery because you can score a penalty or miss a penalty and you are a hero or a zero, which is unfair.

"It is overall you judge the performance of the club and the progress - not just the penalty which goes in or out.

"What you want is a progression and I think for the last 12-14 months we are showing progression everywhere on and off the pitch in terms of squad structure, the players Kenny has to choose from, the young players the academy is producing and who are coming through.

"It is all positive. Someone asked me last week about Kenny doing a great job because we had got to the Carling Cup final but for me he has been doing a great job all around.

"He has done a tremendous job to put the team back on track and put a positive atmosphere back in the changing room and around the training ground. He is a positive person and gives confidence to everyone: to the staff, backroom staff and players.

"He has done brilliantly and I am happy to give him as much support as I can. It is not just about Sunday. If we had lost I would say exactly the same thing.

"From day to day we know exactly what we are doing. We have put a structure in place which I think will bring back success to the club."