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Dalglish gives backing to Suarez

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has given his full backing to Luis Suarez as he believes the under-fire striker is being unfairly targeted by opposition players.

The Uruguay international was on the end of a number of challenges which failed to earn free-kicks during Monday's 1-0 defeat at Fulham. Suarez left the field frustrated and is alleged to have made an offensive gesture to the crowd at the final whistle, which has resulted in a Football Association improper conduct charge.

Suarez is also awaiting a date for his hearing to defend a charge he racially abused Patrice Evra in October and Dalglish thinks he is seeing a pattern develop with opposing teams. He said: "People find him difficult to play against. If they cannot beat him on the pitch because of his ability, they will try to get into people's minds - and that's what they try to do."

He added: "The people that have any favour towards Liverpool Football Club will get right behind Luis Suarez and give him all of the support he deserves. We are lucky that he is a fantastic footballer, one every other club would love to have in their side, and he is playing for us so we'll help him as much as we can."

Prior to his press conference ahead of Saturday's visit of QPR a screen, usually used for video analysis in team meetings, was lowered. Dalglish used some brief clips from Monday's match at Fulham to highlight where he felt Suarez was hard done by.

"People just jump on the bandwagon and accuse him of this, that and everything else," he added. "They are entitled to tackle but tackle fairly. If anyone wants to see the truth from the other night it is on the screen."

Dalglish will speak to the striker about his latest FA charge before deciding what action they should take as they have until 4pm on Monday to respond.

"I've seen the picture and that's about it," he said. "We'll have a discussion with him first and decide what will happen. We'll take it from there. There's nothing else we can say because if we do it will be prejudicial. We will stand by him. We will get on with our life, he will get on with his life."

Dalglish has called, however, for more consistency from the FA when it comes to dealing with alleged misconduct issues.

"There's been at least four incidents that we've picked out where nothing has happened - not even a charge," said the Scot.


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