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Dalglish wants the best for Reds

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish may have stressed he would be happy to stand aside at the end of the season but suggested the club would have to find a "better" candidate to replace him.

Dalglish insists he wants to help in any way he can, although his assertion that he will happily give way to a superior contender puts the pressure on the club's owners New England Sports Ventures to find a top-class replacement if his short stint in charge turns out to be a success.

"If I do really well and there is someone better than me that comes along I will have no problem whatsoever. I am here to be of help to the club and if that means Kenny Dalglish is not the manager that is not a problem," said Dalglish.

Director of football strategy Damien Comolli admitted the possibility of the 59-year-old Scot, brought in on Saturday to take charge until the summer after the departure of Roy Hodgson, being made permanent boss had not been ruled out.

"My understanding is it is until the end of the season and that is no problem for me," said Dalglish.

"I've heard stories about me demanding this or that - when I was phoned early on Saturday morning it was a straightforward 'yes' and that was it for me.

"There are no conditions, no promises, nothing. We'll not start running before we walk.

"I came back to work at a club that myself and my family are eternally grateful for many things they have done for us.

"If at the end of the season the owners have their eyes on someone else then I have no problem stepping aside because if I didn't I wouldn't be true to my word. I would do it readily if it meant the club improving."

The former Reds player and manager joked: "If I can get to the end of the season then I'll probably end up as one of the longest-serving managers in the Premier League any way."


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