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Dan Ashworth: Premier League riches won't affect motivation of young players

Football Association technical director Dan Ashworth is not concerned about any lack of hunger in young English footballers, despite the growing largesse of the Premier League.

The record-breaking broadcast deal that came into effect this year has seen transfer fees and wages in England rocket from an already high base.

Everton's John Stones, a player with just 10 England caps who did not play a minute at Euro 2016, is being priced at £50million in the current market while 20-year-old Jordon Ibe cost Bournemouth a club record £15million despite limited experience at the top level.

Some see the huge sums that surround homegrown talent as potentially damaging, giving them the trappings of success before they have achieved anything, but Ashworth does not agree.

With foreign imports being handsomely rewarded too he does not see it as a uniquely English problem and says money should not remove motivation.

"It's certainly not anything we can control, the level of transfer fees and wages. The going rate is the going rate," he told Press Association Sport.

"There is a lot of money about for young players but it's there for young German players, young Spanish players, young Portuguese players as well. If you're playing in England you're taking the benefit of the Premier League's wealth.

"It is up to the FA and to the clubs to ensure players are motivated to go and perform but I honestly don't think any player sits at 3pm on a Saturday thinking about money in the bank.

"They are professional athletes and they want to win, that's what they do."


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