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Dublin backs Scholes for England

Former Manchester United star Dion Dublin is convinced Paul Scholes would be welcomed back into the England fold with open arms.

Interim boss Stuart Pearce is set to unveil the Three Lions squad for this month's friendly with Holland on Thursday. Prior to Fabio Capello's shock departure, there had been some speculation that Scholes was again on the Italian's radar following his sensational retirement U-turn.

Dublin can see the merits of Scholes starring for his country again at the ripe old age of 37, and he said: "I can see that. I imagine if you took a poll of players, there wouldn't be many who didn't want Paul Scholes in their side. He defies age."

He added: "He hasn't lost any passion for the game. He has an aura about him that makes you think he can do anything.

"He is a very special player."

Capello had already made one failed attempt to get Scholes back in an England shirt for the first time since Euro 2004 ahead of the 2010 World Cup. Now Pearce must decide whether to turn the clock back.

The ease with which Scholes has returned to the highest levels of the game after seven months out has been staggering. Dublin is not surprised though.

Speaking to promote Disney XD's hit football series Goalmouth, which premieres on Thursday, the ex-England international only has to recall the work he has done on behind the scenes jobs in football for a new segment called "Gendle's Footy Jobs" to know the effort that goes into getting a Premier League player on the pitch.

Even a straightforward character like Scholes has the back-up of nutritionists, dieticians, fitness coaches, physios, kit men and countless other vital members of the United back-up team.

"I am not surprised how easily he has adapted back to the game," said Dublin. "It is the same for anyone. I am sure I could go out there now and do exactly the same things if my body would hold up."


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