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Dyche backs Drinkwater after nightclub incident

Ruled out: Danny Drinkwater
Ruled out: Danny Drinkwater

By Eleanor Crooks

Sean Dyche is happy to give Danny Drinkwater a second chance after the midfielder was injured in an incident outside a nightclub in Manchester.

The on-loan Chelsea man was pictured with facial injuries after allegedly being involved in a drunken dispute with another footballer and also suffered an ankle problem that is set to rule him out for several weeks.

Dyche is known as a manager who values professionalism highly but, publicly, he declined to criticise Drinkwater, saying: "They (footballers) are human beings, they have private lives, which sometimes are not private. And sometimes they get in scrapes.

"He's certainly old enough and wise enough to know you do whatever you can not to get in scrapes, but sometimes it happens.

"We've been big over our time here - you can't just talk about development when it's good news, you also have to work with players if things are not quite as good.

"It's been more that sort of situation, have a chat with him and say, 'What happened first of all, what was the situation that led to it? Okay, let's move away from that, where do we go from here?'. So I think that's where we're at right now."

Dyche declined to reveal whether Burnley, who host Brighton at Turf Moor tomorrow, have punished Drinkwater, who had also pleaded guilty to a drink-driving charge earlier this year, saying: "Just talked to him, the rest of it's private.

"I'm not worried about the past, we try and look for the things we can sort out for the future."

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