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Dyche: We won't dive to stay up

Burnley boss Sean Dyche insists his team will not resort to diving and cheating in their battle against relegation.

Dyche says he has been shocked by the amount of simulation he has witnessed during Burnley's first season back in the Barclays Premier League.

He claims another manager has urged him to "move with the times" and instruct his players to seek out decisions.

But while Dyche accepts his players are naive on such matters, he insists that is the way he likes it and will not be asking them to follow suit, regardless of their situation.

Burnley are second from bottom with just six games remaining but are only two points from a safe position and have earned many plaudits for their battling displays.

Dyche said: "There is a certain way of playing. I believe the team play in the correct manner. There's been minimal, if any, simulation from our players. I see it constantly in this league, more so than I ever thought I would.

"At this level we have been naive at times, in the right way. I think that's sad that players just can't go out and play and get decisions that they should get.

"One prominent manager I am not going to name said to me, 'You are being naive, you should get your players to move with the times'. It's not my belief. You should play the game properly.

"If someone touches you in the box and you go down, that's always been there - that's not cheating, that's just gamesmanship. That's part of the game. There is a difference.

"I'm on about absolute simulation where there is no contact and people go to the floor."

Dyche feels while football gets into a moral tangle over certain high-profile, one-off incidents, this issue of repeated cheating is all too often overlooked.

In terms of policing it, he sympathises with referees and wants the system of retrospective punishment extended to cover blatant acts of simulation.

He said: "It would evaporate out of the game within two, three or four weeks because managers who have some amazing players will say, 'We can't be losing you for three games'.

"I'd like to know the reason it hasn't been brought in, and if it is getting really looked at in depth.

"It's only because I think morally we talk to our kids about fairness and playing the right way, and yet, in one of the most powerful leagues in the world, there are people dropping everywhere.

"Weirdly, you'll open a debate about Raheem Sterling, put him all over the papers saying he's doing this, that and the other, but yet something that is there for all to see all of the time every week, is sort of accepted. Strange isn't it?

"If that was my centre-half and someone is through and he pulls the shirt, he gets banned. It's cheating. It's the same difference isn't it?"


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