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England manager Roy Hodgson hails response to Old Trafford bomb scare

England manager Roy Hodgson praised the swift action of authorities during the Old Trafford bomb scare and is hopeful similar measures are in place at Euro 2016.

On Monday the 26-strong squad for the preparation matches were announced at Wembley, although the abandonment of Sunday's match between Manchester United and Bournemouth remained a hot topic.

Sunday's Premier League finale at Old Trafford was called off after a suspect package was found before kick-off. The package later transpired to be a fake bomb left over from a training exercise involving a private firm.

It was a fortunate outcome but has sharpened the mind ahead of the European Championship, especially given November's attacks at the Stade de France in Paris.

Hodgson confirmed UEFA is sending someone to talk to the England camp about security and is happy with the measures that are in place.

"No, it doesn't affect my thinking," Hodgson said of Sunday's abandonment.

"It's an unfortunate incident and it's being dealt with by the people who need to deal with these incidents.

"I would say it's good to know the authorities are that anxious for nothing to happen and for security to be as tight as it's obviously going to be.

"We saw yesterday that, even though the bomb itself turned out not to be one, it's still good to see the authorities really on the ball, doing their job.

"It's good to see the public were so good in accepting the unfortunate situation and going along with what they were asked to do.

"When you're in France all you can do is hope the authorities there and the security will be every bit as tight as we've seen it's capable of being here in England."

He added: " We will have all the information that is capable to give and all we can hope is that the tournament will pass off quietly in the sense of security matters and that it'll all be about football, the quality of football, and it won't be about the events like the unfortunate one we saw at Manchester United yesterday."


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