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England stars' Premier League goals haul no guarantee of Euro 2016 success

England appear to have plenty of goals in them as they prepare for Euro 2016 - but they have entered previous tournaments with more and still not delivered.

Harry Kane was top scorer in the Premier League in 2015-16 with 25 goals, and Jamie Vardy hit 24, but Roy Hodgson's other three strikers, Wayne Rooney (eight), Daniel Sturridge (eight) and Marcus Rashford (five), netted just 21 between them.

Overall the Three Lions squad scored a combined total of 114 Premier League goals last season.

So how does that figured compare with the firepower England took into their last few tournaments? Here, Press Association Sport crunches the numbers.


Strikers selected: Daniel Sturridge (21 Premier League goals in 2013-14), Wayne Rooney (17), Rickie Lambert (13), Danny Welbeck (nine)

Total Premier League goals scored by the squad in 2013-14: 121

Although none of England's strikers had been as prolific as Kane or Vardy, skipper Steven Gerrard scoring 13 Premier League goals from midfield in 2013-14 helped put the overall tally above the current squad's total. But the 2014 tournament was a footballing disaster for England - an exit at the group stage after 2-1 losses to Italy and Uruguay, followed by a 0-0 draw with Costa Rica.

EURO 2012

Strikers selected: Wayne Rooney (27 Premier League goals in 2011-12), Jermain Defoe (11), Danny Welbeck (nine), Andy Carroll (four)

Total Premier League goals scored by the squad in 2011-12: 93

Rooney's individual Premier League tally for 2011-12 was better than Kane's for 2015-16, but the squad went into the tournament light on goals overall. England qualified for the European quarter-finals as group winners having drawn 1-1 with France, then beaten Sweden 3-2 and Ukraine 1-0. They were subsequently eliminated after playing out a goalless draw with Italy and losing on penalties.


Strikers selected: Wayne Rooney (26 Premier League goals in 2009-10), Jermain Defoe (18), Peter Crouch (eight), Emile Heskey (three)

Total Premier League goals scored by the squad in 2009-10: 123

Rooney's personal tally again was impressive, while midfielder Frank Lampard also scored 22 Premier League goals in 2009-10. But the tournament was both low scoring and ultimately disappointing for England. Draws with the United States (1-1) and Algeria (0-0) were followed by a 1-0 win over Slovenia and second place in Group C, before Fabio Capello's men were beaten 4-1 by Germany in the last 16.


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