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Everton's previous plans for a new stadium

Everton have taken a significant step forward in their quest for a new stadium after agreeing a deal for land at Bramley Moore Dock.

Here Press Association Sport looks at some of the club's previous attempts to find an alternative to Goodison Park.


In 1996 Everton chairman Peter Johnson released plans to relocate to a new stadium on the site of Kirkby Golf Course. However, the scheme never took off with fans opposed to the move and preferring a redevelopment of their existing home.


Widely-regarded as the biggest missed opportunity to build a modern 55,000-capacity ground in the heart of the city on the banks of the River Mersey. Plans were drawn up in 2000 with Everton required to provide £30million towards the £155m project. Three years later, with no sign of the necessary investment, the scheme collapsed.


A new development, proposed in 2007, was controversial as it would have seen Everton move out of the city to nearby Kirkby. As part of a £400million complex alongside a Tesco superstore, the plan was to have a 50,000-seater stadium, but two years later a public inquiry ruled that the move would breach shopping policy and it fell through.


In 2015 a scheme for a new stadium, 1,000 houses and a leisure and retail development in Walton Hall Park, just a mile from Goodison, was proposed. However, immediately there were questions raised about whether Everton could find their share of the £300million and opposition from residents about building on a greenfield site. A year later the scheme was dead in the water with funding issues again at the heart of the problem.


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