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Ferdinand saw no point in appeal

Rio Ferdinand "didn't see the point" of appealing his three-match suspension for comments made on Twitter.

The Football Association gave the former England captain the ban after he used the term "sket" on social media.

The word is a term for a promiscuous girl or woman and the 35-year-old used it on September 1 following a message that his team, QPR, needed a new centre-half.

Ferdinand, a Twitter regular with almost six million followers, opted not to appeal the ban which the FA said was partly issued because he "should have known better".

Quoted in the Sun, he said: "I won't be quitting Twitter, I love it. I use it to talk to fans.

"I didn't see the point (of appealing). The rate of success of appeals on this type of disciplinary panel is almost zero.

"I didn't see myself getting the games taken away - it would prolong the affair, so I'm nipping it in the bud now. You've got to pick your moments.

"The problem is sometimes you're at home, you've lost, you're sitting there and you're looking through your Twitter feed and you're frustrated.

"This time I was deemed to have gone over the line. So I think you have to be mindful of what you say and when you say it. Normally I'm good at doing that."


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