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Ferguson too old for retirement


Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson has dismissed retirement as a young man's game and revealed he has left it up to his family to decide when he stops working.

The Manchester United manager turns 69 next month but has no plans to relinquish the post at Old Trafford which he has held since 1986. And providing he remains healthy Ferguson is set to remain with the Red Devils for the foreseeable future.

"Retirement is for young people," Ferguson said. "I'm too old to retire. I would have nothing to do. As long as my health is good I will carry on. My family will make this decision."

Ferguson was a guest at the inaugural Aspire4Sport conference in Qatar on Wednesday, and admitted he has mellowed as a manager but is still prepared to give players the 'hairdryer' treatment if warranted.

"I've mellowed a great deal," the Scot explained. "The world has changed and so have players' attitudes.

"I'm dealing with more fragile human beings than I used to be. They are cocooned by modern parents, agents, even their own image at times.

"They need to be seen with their tattoos and earrings. It's a different world for me so I have had to adapt.

"There is nothing wrong with losing your temper if it's for the right reasons. But I never leave it until the next day. I don't believe in that."