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Harry Gregg backing King Kenny to deliver for Liverpool

Back in October, Harry Gregg made his thoughts plain on the managerial post at Liverpool.

In a hard-hitting interview with the Belfast Telegraph, the former Northern Ireland great stated that Kenny Dalglish and not Roy Hodgson should be manager of the club.

This was long before the desperate home defeat to Wolves in December and the dismal loss at Blackburn in January that led to Hodgson’s departure.

Gregg was adamant that the former Fulham boss was not the right man for Anfield, saying: “People ask how long Roy Hodgson should get at Liverpool. I would say he’s had too long already.”

He added: “At the time when Rafa Benitez was being replaced I felt Kenny Dalglish should have been given the job and I still hold that view. They really should bring him back to manage the club.”

Three months on, Liverpool’s American owners agreed, with Hodgson leaving and Dalglish coming in.

Gregg is happy that they made that decision, suggesting Dalglish will soon have the 13th placed Reds, who travel to Wolves tomorrow, climbing the table.

“Roy Hodgson should never have been at Anfield,” said Harry. Kenny Dalglish is a proper Liverpool manager and I’m delighted that he has been given the manager’s post again.

“He can’t do it overnight but given a bit of time he will do a good job for Liverpool.

“He was a good manager for them first time around, won the title at Blackburn and wasn’t given a chance at Newcastle when he could have done well there. He’s a football man, who knows the game, and the players will respect that.

“Unlike some so called intellectuals, who never played the game, Kenny doesn’t patronise people and I like him for that.

“He also gives the media the runaround with his one-liners, which is fun to watch.

“It is good for football and for Liverpool to have him back.”

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