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Hart rejects criticism

Joe Hart is determined not to beat himself up over the recent criticism of his performances.

After spending two seasons unchallenged as the best English keeper in the Barclays Premier League, suddenly a few flaws have been evident with the Manchester City man.

But Hart accepts there will be times when he doesn't reach the level he would wish, and told Sky Sports News: "If you weren't doing well and winning things, people would not be interested in what you are doing. People are paid to make comments. You have to be strong and give the best you can week in, week out."

He went on: "I work hard. Sometimes I don't save the ball. It is not through lack of effort or concentration. You can't be perfect as much as you try to be. It is not going to happen."

It has been suggested City's inability to get a regular defence on the pitch has had an effect, not just on Hart's form, but that of the team as a whole.

The criticism is one he refutes.

"It is definitely not the case," he said.

"We are a close group and we all know how each other plays.

"It never feels foreign for anyone to come in."


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