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Highlights as Sam Allardyce was unveiled as Sunderland boss


Latest soccer news

Latest soccer news

Latest soccer news

New Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce was quizzed as he was unveiled to the media on Tuesday afternoon.

He was questioned an a range of topics and was more forthcoming on some than others.

On what control he will have over recruitment:

"No manager has full control anymore. We all will go through a process. My process would be that we would speak together and make the right decision."

On the possibility of a reunion with out-of-contract midfielder Kevin Nolan:

"Kevin and me go back a long way, as everybody knows, but I have to assess the squad I have at the moment, I have to assess the ability of the squad and then take it from there.

"If Kevin Nolan is an addition that I may look at in the future if I feel that is a player that is going to give us something, then I may choose to enter down that line."

On the demands of his new job:

"I think I got in about 8am yesterday and got home about 11pm last night - it will be like that for a considerable period of time until I feel comfortable with putting my ideas and my beliefs into the football club, and hopefully those ideas and beliefs will be enough to make sure that we are a Premier League football club next season."

On his lingering England ambitions:

"If I am doing exceptionally well when (England manager) Roy (Hodgson) decides that he is not there anymore, then I might have a chance."

On the appointment of an assistant:

"There is some progress, but nothing definite yet. When there is something definite, we will announce it accordingly when it is all sorted out."