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Hodgson not keeping options open

Roy Hodgson insists any aspirations he has to eventually become England boss are not behind his reluctance to open talks with West Brom over a longer term contract.

Hodgson's current deal with the Baggies runs out next summer at the time when Fabio Capello will be stepping down as England coach after Euro 2012, but he is adamant that a reluctance to commit himself long term at the age of 64 to any club "unless I really want to be here" is behind his thinking.

Hodgson, when asked if there have been any contract discussions, said: "Yes and no. The club are aware of the fact at the moment I'm perfectly happy where I am."

He added: "I enjoy working here. There is no real need to discuss a new contract. Occasionally things are said where people suggest if I wanted to stay longer, they would be happy to consider it.

"But at the moment it is better just to leave things as they are and we can see when the times comes, what the next move is. I don't want to commit myself to a club unless I really want to be here. At my age I don't think it is necessary to look too long term. I prefer to take every year as it comes in a way.

"But I must emphasise I am happy at the club. They have done everything in their power to give me a chance to work well here, not least with the signings we've made. It is a case of things are going well, I'm enjoying it, why rock the boat by trying to see into the future?"

Hodgson, whose side entertain Manchester United on Sunday, added: "I'm not keeping my options open for any job. There is no question of that.

"When it comes to England, my name has been mentioned on many occasions. I'm happy it's being mentioned but I don't give it more thought than that and, if the day ever came when it was mentioned seriously, I'll confront that situation when that day comes.

"But I don't have agendas and I certainly am not keeping an option open with regards to England or anyone else. It is question of preferring to seeing where I am as the season progresses and where perhaps I want to be in the future."


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