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Hodgson refuses to gloat

West Brom manager Roy Hodgson insisted he took no greater pleasure in beating Liverpool on his first return to his former club than he did in ending a Baggies' hoodoo.

Peter Odemwingie's 75th-minute goal completely against the run of play secured their first win at Anfield 45 years to the day of their last victory at the ground. The fact it was against the club who dispensed with his services after a disappointing six-month reign was less significant, according to Hodgson,

"It is always enjoyable to win even if you need a bit of luck on your side to achieve it," said the West Brom boss. "Forty-five years is a long time for a team like West Brom not to get a result at Anfield. Maybe this result was written in the stars because with the last win being 45 years ago to the day maybe there is an element of fate about it."

He added: "We know how difficult it is to get results here but another hoodoo is laid to rest and I thought it was a very determined effort from our players.

"The major satisfaction is winning at Anfield. With the team we have I don't think most people expect us to come and win here."

For Kenny Dalglish, the man who replaced Hodgson at Anfield in January last year, it was like watching repeats of previous performances.

Liverpool have won just five times in 17 home matches and tales of missed chances have become all-too commonplace for the Scot.

"It's not just been one of those days; it's been like that seven or eight times here," he said. "There's not much else that we can add to what we've said before so many times after a game at Anfield. I think you could go back over the old interviews and it'll be the same thing.

"They just need a bit of luck I think. It sounds repetitive but it's not an excuse.

"We're not running away from something. It's not as if there's something drastically wrong that we can't identify. It is just a piece of good fortune that we need."


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