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Holloway unlikely to reign in Spain

Blackpool manager Ian Holloway has ruled out the possibility of ever working in Spain - because he struggles with the language.

Holloway spent part of the international break watching the current world and European champions and returned with a host of new ideas. He looked on in admiration as Spain came from behind to beat the Czech Republic in a Euro 2012 qualifier in Grenada and took in training sessions at the two Madrid clubs, Real and Atletico, as well as Getafe.

But on the prospect of maybe coaching in Spain one day, Bristol-born boss Holloway said: "I don't think they would understand a word I say. I struggled to order anything other than a coffee with milk. I wanted a red wine, I got white. I tried to say thank you very much in Spanish but went into French."

He added: "I had an absolute nightmare. I believe you can't do anything if you can't communicate."

That Spanish theme has infiltrated the dressing room ahead of the Barclays Premier League match against Fulham on Sunday at Craven Cottage.

"My lads have given themselves Spanish names. It is all a bit of a joke at the moment. I am now called Pedro," said Holloway.

"You have to try and believe you are going to start something. I am trying to develop as a manager and as a person. So I needed to go to Spain to watch what they do.

"I will be going back. I want to see Barcelona, Espanyol and Villarreal and how they do things. Their players are basically so comfortable with the ball I think it is our duty to be like that."


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