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Houllier hits back in feud with Holloway

Aston Villa manager Gerard Houllier has launched a stinging attack on Ian Holloway, accusing him of double standards over the Charlie Adam transfer saga.

Houllier believes Holloway has singled him out for criticism, despite the fact that other clubs have bid for the midfielder, who handed in a transfer request yesterday, through the same channels.

The Frenchman is angry that Holloway distanced Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish from the offer made by the Anfield side, yet did exactly the opposite when talking about Villa's bid.

“I noticed this weekend that I was not treated the same way as my friend Kenny Dalglish,” Houllier said. “Ian said ‘it must not come from Kenny' when Kenny makes a bid, ‘it comes from the club'.

“He called me all sorts of things because our club, officially, did the right things, and went to them.”

Holloway said of Aston Villa's £3.5million bid: “Mr Houllier should not talk about someone else's player when he hasn't put up enough money to buy him.”

However, when referring the £4million Liverpool bid, he said: “I don't think it was Kenny that put that offer in. Mr (Damien) Comolli (Liverpool's director of football strategy) should look at what is going on and get realistic.”

Houllier alluded to the comments he made last week, when he said he had been victimised by managers due to his nationality.

“I was stunned, but hey, easy target, as I've said,” he added. “I'm not happy with him, I'm not happy with what he said.”

Sunderland boss Steve Bruce has also been scathing in his criticism of Houllier after the Black Cats star striker Darren Bent was lured to Villa Park.

Houllier joked that Saturday's match between Blackpool and Sunderland would have been a meeting of managerial minds.

He said: “He must have had a good conversation on the touchline with Bruce last weekend.”

Aston Villa take on Wigan tonight, and Houllier added: “I think adversity is a test of resolve, for yourself and also for your team. But from the start of the year it has been different, in terms of work, attitude, team camaraderie and everything.”

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