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Hughes seeks 'legacy' at QPR

Mark Hughes has revealed the chance to forever stamp his identity on a club in a similar manner to Sir Alex Ferguson convinced him to take charge of QPR.

Hughes claimed he had finally found a job in which he could make changes from top to bottom like Ferguson was allowed to when he first arrived at Manchester United.

"That's the attraction for me," said Hughes. "When I talk about their ambition, I am talking about their plans for the future, their plans for a training ground and a new stadium and all those things."

He added: "To be at the beginning of that you can have a real influence on that and how they are shaped and that's some kind of legacy.

"As a player, as a manager, you want to make a mark on the game, and in my view this is a fantastic opportunity to be able to do that.

"Other situations and other opportunities I have had in the past prior to this role haven't matched that.

"That is the frustration for me. I have put things in place that I don't get the benefit of, so I would love to have a period of time at a club that wants to do great things, and I would like to drive that."

Hughes arguably had that at Manchester City, whose owners proved even more ambitious than he did and certainly wealthier than QPR supremo Tony Fernandes.

Hughes admitted he "made mistakes" in dealing with City's mega-rich benefactors, saying: "I can learn from that and I am a better manager now than when I first went through that.

"The lines of communication and the different ways of management, that was a little bit difficult to navigate, but I'm happy with the structure here and I think that it will be more beneficial to me."


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