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I lost joy for the game at Red Devils: Schneiderlin

When Morgan Schneiderlin was given the keys to the big time with a move to Old Trafford, he said he hoped playing for Manchester United "would not be the only thing people remember on my CV".

When the midfielder's time in football is done, the fact that he played for United at all might seem like a footnote rather than the climax to a career.

Sitting at Everton's training ground after his £24m transfer was finalised, and ahead of tomorrow's match with Manchester City, he was asked when it dawned that his time at United had turned sour.

"There was not one point," he said. "It is when you realise you are not in the team. It is when you come on for one minute. It is when you have two or three games in the stands.

"When I first signed for United I had big ambition. I felt ready to accomplish some great things. It didn't happen for some reason. I don't think I arrived at the best time. There was a lot of criticism around the team and I lost a little of the joy of playing football.

"It is nice to say that you played for United but, if you don't play every weekend, it is not enough. I wanted to play every game and find a club with ambition and I think I have found that with Everton.

"When you play, you need to play with freedom and I didn't in my first year in Manchester. Even when I had good games I didn't have the run of games that would have given me the chance to establish myself."

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