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'I'm not answering stupid questions': Robbie Keane shoots down interviewer in explosive chat

Robbie Keane is now Jonathan Woodgate's assistant at Middlesbrough.
Robbie Keane is now Jonathan Woodgate's assistant at Middlesbrough.

By Ger Keville

The Republic of Ireland's record goal scorer Robbie Keane wants to focus on his managerial capabilities and not tales from his playing career as he prepares for his new role as Jonathan Woodgate's assistant at Middlesbrough.

In a no-nonsense interview in the Daily Mail, Keane shot down a series of questions, insisting he 'is no clown' and refused to be drawn into 'crap questions'.

"What the f***? I'm not a clown. I'm not here to entertain people," said Keane when asked about previous incidents where he took up the mic to sing and entertain crowds.

"What's singing got to do with me being a coach?"

"I like a laugh and joke," he added. "We don't want people coming in here as miserable f***s. We want them to be happy, but for it to be done properly. It's a serious job we're doing."

The story about Keane hiring a private jet to take the Tottenham squad to Dublin for a Christmas party was then brought up.

"I'm not answering these stupid questions," said Keane. "If you want to talk about me being here, no problem. But I'm not getting into c**p questions like that.

"I'm not interested. Why talk about that? This isn't about that. It's about me being at Middlesbrough. Anyway, do you know the full story?"

In a wide-ranging interview, Keane then talks about what he will bring to the Boro set-up. The Tallaght man, who has always been a strong advocate of kids getting out and kicking a ball, added: "And that's all of them, with their PlayStations. I would certainly encourage young kids to get out, between 10 and 14 especially.

"They should be getting 500 touches a week on the ball. They don't need parents or friends to do that. Get out and play with the football, kick it against the wall, keeping it up, trying tricks."

Keane, who it seems has Jason Bourne-like instincts, refused to be drawn in on Mick v Roy and Saipan and also touches on his time at Liverpool in an explosive interview you can read here.


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