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Jenkins gives backing to Laudrup

Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins has jumped to the defence of manager Michael Laudrup following reports that senior players at the club had expressed doubts over the Dane's management style.

Jenkins insisted Laudrup, who replaced Brendan Rodgers at the Barclays Premier League club this summer, retains his "full support" after a mixed start to the new season including two recent consecutive defeats.

Jenkins told the club's official website: "Michael Laudrup and his staff have the full support of everyone connected to Swansea City and will continue to do so during the long season ahead."

He added: "No doubt from time to time outside forces beyond our control will make attempts to unsettle our football club and we have to accept that.

"Swansea City will remain solid, on and off the football field, and will continue to fight against all the odds to compete at Premier League level."

The alleged concerns over training methods and lack of fitness also surprised Laudrup, who said: "I've said from the very first day I arrived here that my door is always open.

"There will always be some players disappointed if they are not playing, but that's the same at any football club."


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