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Kean asks for patience

Blackburn manager Steve Kean admits he is frustrated he has not been able to make any summer signings so far but insists there are no issues affecting his transfer budget.

Reports emerged that owners Venky's had been forced to slash the transfer budget in order to pay off some of the club's overdraft. However, Kean stressed they are awaiting news on two "sizeable" bids and he has not been instructed to sell before he can buy.

"That has definite 100% not been mentioned," he said.

"We have not had any bids in for players from other clubs so we couldn't have put any bids out there in case they were accepted if that was true.

"We have got two active bids out there and we will see if they are accepted, if not other bids will go in.

"They are not small deals they are sizeable bids. I imagine they will come to a conclusion within the next 48 hours, if they happen - great, if they don't we will put other bids out and attract other players to the club.

"The facts are we know where we want to strengthen and that there is money available.

"Finance is not the stumbling block, there is certain paperwork that has to be done.

"I can totally understand the fans' frustrations and I hope they bear with us because it is not a case where we are twiddling our thumbs and not doing any work.

"I have a good relationship with the owners and we have a management panel in place. There is activity. I am possibly frustrated we have not managed to finalise one. It is a lot harder to get them done than I first thought."


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