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Kenny looks for results over style

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish would be happy just to see some league victories before the end of the season irrespective of how his side play.

Having dominated throughout and created numerous chances in last weekend's home defeat to West Brom, the Scot will gladly swap style for substance over the coming weeks. There is a danger the Reds could go into next weekend's FA Cup final against Chelsea with a lack of confidence and momentum with more frustrating performances like the one against the Baggies.

And while Dalglish does not intend to abandon his principles, he would welcome a few more points to avoid the club's worst league finish for 58 years, and he said: "We want to win games but it would be nice if we were rubbish and won a game."

He added: "Our incentive is to get as much as we can from every game we play.

"We want to finish with as many wins and points as we possibly can and the incentive we have is just representing the football club as much as anything else.

"We have always set ourselves high standards in terms of the level of performance and there are not too many times when we've let ourselves down on that front. But winning is what it is all about and points on the board is what it is all about."

Liverpool have hit the woodwork 30 times this season and have dominated many games without delivering the killer blow to opponents.

That is what makes it so frustrating for Dalglish as he believes his side are doing everything right apart from getting the occasional bounce of the ball in their favour.

He said: "There is no one happy with what has happened in games and we've said that in our post-match interviews. But nothing changes in the week to what we have said after the game.

"The less you have to change the easier it is and it is great credit to the players that they continue to get in there and try their best to win the matches."


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