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Klopp can't make sense of rivals' gloating


Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp insists he has never celebrated another team dropping points and does not understand those in the game who do.

After Liverpool's 1-1 draw with Leicester on Wednesday, Manchester City defender Kyle Walker tweeted a much-used meme of England team-mate Harry Maguire from the World Cup with the words: "So basically they thought they were gonna go 7 points ahead..."

Walker, whose side lost to Leicester on Boxing Day, quickly deleted the post but that was not enough to prevent it going viral.

Klopp was unaware of the social media post but, when told about it, expressed his surprise.

"I cannot help that. I am not sure what that says about us, it says something more about the other person," he said.

"I never celebrated that another team dropped points or lost a game. For me that's not allowed.

"That's how I understand sports. You have to do your own things, to work out and show your best performance.

"For supporters it is a little bit different, for people involved I don't understand.

"There will always be a bunch of people who hope you win and another bunch who hope you will lose.

"You have to ignore both in your preparation, and in the end hopefully you celebrate with the ones who want you to win something."

Liverpool could see their five-point advantage over Manchester City cut before they play West Ham on Monday evening.

Full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold is not fully recovered from a knee injury while fellow defender Joe Gomez is still rehabilitating from a fractured leg.

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