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Leicester boss Nigel Pearson apologises for his 'ostrich' rant at reporter

Leicester boss Nigel Pearson has apologised after calling a journalist an "ostrich" in a bizarre spat.

The Foxes boss was involved in a discussion with writer Ian Baker after being asked to clarify his complaints over the criticism his players had received.

Pearson then called Baker an "ostrich" because his head "must be in the sand" for not understanding Pearson's viewpoint in the post-match press conference following Leicester's 3-1 defeat to Chelsea. Pearson started yesterday's press conference, to preview tomorrow's game against Newcastle, by apologising to Baker.

He said: "Ian, before we start, apologies for last night. I think it's right to do it in front of the cameras rather than pulling you to one side so I apologise for that and I hope it doesn't ruin our relationship.

"I react, that's it. I think it's emotion as much as anything, which again I am not afraid of.

"But I will also accept when I have stepped out of line, which is why Ian's due an apology, it's the right thing for me to do today."

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