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Liverpool boss Hodgson puts on brave face

Roy Hodgson remains positive about his and the club's future, insisting he is doing his best to justify his appointment.

Despite a much-needed injury-time victory over Bolton on Saturday the 63-year-old's days at Anfield still appear numbered as the new owners consider alternatives.

Ahead of tonight's crucial meeting with Blackburn, Hodgson said: “When you get given the job you climb up to the top of a greasy pole — we all do that — but at least you are on the pole and you have been given the chance.

“I am on an exceptionally lofty pole because the club is one of the biggest in the world and that is why when you get the job here you are so pleased you are chosen.

“I will be doing my best during the time I am working here to justify my selection and trying to get the team playing the sort of football we played against Bolton.

“It was not just against Bolton, I can give you six or seven games where we have played as well as that.

“I can also, with no attempt at modesty, point out we have played 10 difficult games in Europe without even using the bulk of our first-team players and we have reached the last 32 of the Europa League.

“I still see a lot of things positively and my glass is absolutely half full rather than half empty at the moment.”

The Bolton victory lifted Liverpool up to ninth, but they are still closer to the relegation zone (six points) than they are to fifth-placed Chelsea (10 points).

“Once you go outside the top five we’re all guilty of the same thing; a good performance followed by a poor one,” said Hodgson.

“A lot of the negativity has been somewhat unfounded and I said very early in the season, probably after seven games when we were in the bottom three, that if we can get to 19 games and find ourselves in the top half of the table that would be the best we could hope for.”

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